As many of you know, RBR Management holds an annual strategic retreat in Nashville during the Americana Music Association Festival.  And a few years ago we attended an unofficial showcase organized by Cafe Rooster Records.  It was there that we saw both Brian Wright and Sally Jaye, the owners of Cafe Rooster Records, both perform full sets for the first time.  Since then, having them perform at Red Boots Roots has been a top priorit .  RBR patrons are already familiare with Sally Jaye when she performed last summer with Ladies Gun Club.  So we are really excited to both her and Brian perform their own music.  Check out these samples:

Sally Jaye

Brian Wright

For Brian Wright, life as a traveling troubadour began in Waco, Texas near the highway and the trains. That is where his father took a job that required a great deal of travel, making the family VW van Wright’s first crib. Consequently Wright feels most at home when on the road, and this movement has helped shaped Wright’s sense of bare-boned lyrics and achingly beautiful songs that seem both distant and intimate at the same time.

In September 2013, Brian released his latest album Rattle Their Chains (Sugar Hill Records), recorded in Los Angeles, which came with a vision: “I was picturing this band playing these songs- my friends- and I could hear what was going to happen: a band in a room, guys who really love each other and are really tight”. Wright and his buddies nailed it.  He sought the spontaneity of a live show, a roots-rock hoot to smolder and sting, and he got it.  But the resulting album also reflects something more: a shadow-grapples-light intensity where regret and hope square off like already-bruised boxers staggering through another round.  

Wright also experienced luminous changes through the sessions for Rattle Their Chains. He moved his family from Los Angeles to Nashville, the decision made even as the record took shape.  “It definitely informed the music,” he says.  “I was thinking a lot about where I was from; I was thinking about Los Angeles. I came through as a naïve kid and I learned a lot about being an artist. I lost love, I found love, and then I started a family- and I also made a lot of mistakes.”

Besides Bob Dylan and the Band, Wright also found himself drawn to “the storytelling of Texas songwriters. I find myself really into Townes Van Zandt; he had so many beautiful songs. Woody Guthrie, Willie Nelson, Lightnin' Hopkins, Guy Clark and Kris Kristofferson all lived there; there's something in the water in Texas that yields a poetic, left of center style of writing that seems unique to so many artists from there. It’s where all these great stories come from. But I'm also influenced by great rock and roll: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Kinks and other bands like that."

Sally Jaye has a musical journey that started right here in Georgia and ended in East Nashville, with a slight detour through LA, where she and Brian met.  You should do yourself a favor and read her self penned bio at the link above.

As always, doors will be at 7 and show at 8. We ask for a $20 minimum donation, with all proceeds going to the artists.