Many of you know that Red Boots Roots probably would not have started without Paul Sanchez. But we're really glad that we had him perform for our first show, and we're always happy when he returns. Paul is such a prolific songwriter that it is a certainty that no matter how recently we have seen him, it is a near certainty that we'll hear new material along with old favorites. Here is Paul playing his song, "Foot of Canal Street," which Andrew Duhon properly labeled "one of the iconic New Orleans anthems."

Foot of Canal Street

Fans may know native New Orleanian Paul Sanchez as a founding member of the rock band, Cowboy Mouth, with whom he has 11 albums; for his role in the HBO series TREME where he played himself; or as the creative force behind the musical NINE LIVES, a musical adaptation of the best-selling novel by Dan Baum. NINE LIVES follows the lives of nine people in New Orleans from 1965 (the year Hurricane Betsy ravaged the city) through 2005 (the year of Hurricane Katrina) and beyond.

Paul transforms audiences with his unique blend of music and storytelling – at once powerful, sad, humorous, entertaining, and hopeful.  Like many New Orleanians, Paul was tremendously impacted by Hurricane Katrina, having lost his home. “I lost my home, my possessions, community and, eventually, my job after the flood. I was changed, am changed as a person and it couldn't help but change my music", confesses Sanchez, who like many struggled to find a new identity after Hurricane Katrina. After much soul-searching, he left Cowboy Mouth to go solo.

As always, doors are at 7 with music at 8.  Minimum suggested donation is $20, the proceeds of which will go to the artist.