It's been a little while since Lisa Mills has been around, but that's only because she is so popular in Europe that she can't find time to be in the South.  But all we can say is lucky Europeans,  We're really excited to have her back at Red Boots Roots, though.

Just watch this recent video of Lisa playing "Better than This," and you'll see why our gob was smacked the first time that we heard her play.  You'll feel that way when you see her perform live.

Lisa Mills LIve

Cutting through boundaries is one way to describe singer/songwriter Lisa Mills. The Mississippi native-Alabama resident has been steadily building a devoted, even fanatic following for her taking bits of southern soul, gospel, blues, a little bit of country and some rock and roll and making it her own. “I was just thinking the other day, in our world of fast food and prefabricated everything, it’s rare to find anything home grown,” she says. “There are so many shortcuts, but in all honesty, to pick the best fruit you have to pick ‘em mature. Same thing for music and so much of the music these days is driven by the business itself. It doesn’t seem to be happening as much in our communities naturally as it has historically, as a fabric of our society and real experiences.”